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Winner! 2017 MAC AWARD

Best Musical Comedy Performer

   1978: NYC Underground

Winner! 2014 Bistro Award - Tribute Show.

2014 MAC Award - Best Female Vocalist

It is the most compelling and bravest cabaret room experience I have had this year, imaginative, thought-provoking, risky, moving, and thoroughly theatrical, the commanding performer Billie Roe and her daring director MARK NADLER, have put together a stunning evening of songs and monologues all anchored by that board game of Monopoly.

                      Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes

Billie Roe's presence and delivery quickly make you aware that she's a very special performer - a blunt, direct, actress/singer with great vocal control, a wide range, a friendly stage presence and strong pipes . I kept wishing that we could travel back in time to the 50's when TV was smarter and craft mattered more than celebrity, and Billie Roe could be celebrated on a TV Show like "Omnibus" hosted by Alistair Cooke.

                           - Myra Chanin , Theater Pizzazz

Throughout her show, Roe as writer, actor, or singer is a modulator supreme. She can belt with the best of them, and of course does so when it's called for, but, equally, she can be soft and subtle, especially when plumbing for nuance. Among other gems in this show, you might feel you are hearing "September Song" or "Dance With My Father" for the first time.         

          - Robert Windeler, Bistro Awards

Billie, you're one hell of an artist... this is one hell of a show.    

                               - Roy Sander,

Roe instantly transforms the room into a high-stakes excursion and we’re along for the ride, which turns out to be quite a memorable one.... Her storytelling is raw, fearless and straight-from-the-gut and always followed by a wonderful sense of humor.
     -Derek Smith, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

The remarkable Roe manages to unapologetically roar through the gutsy, harsher Tom territory while somehow serving as a balm to worry and turmoil. She is earth mother, she is tour guide, she is chameleon-voiced, she is above all an actress who knows how to take command and paint pictures with her voice and face.
               -Rob Lester,

Billie Roe Delivers a Gritty, Winning Tribute to Tom Waits.  This was one cabaret tribute show that was worth the wait.

                    -Stephen Hanks, Broadway

Roe's tribute is exquisitely written and performed.  This show should be seen right away because it is going to be talked about all year as one of the greatest performance experiences of 2013!

                             -Joe Regan Jr.

Dangerous Women: Life in Film Noir

Winner! 2012 Bistro Award - Best Theme Show!

It made me feel like running out and doing something mysterious in the shadows of Don't Tell Mama.  Expertly written and performed... swept me away into another dimension as an audience member.  This show is a must-see, and Billie deserves every award for it that she receives.                     

One of the best shows of the year!

                                Times Square Chronicles​​

Although Roe creates numerous characters, it is her own personality and her formidable pipes that dominate the show.  Part actress, part singer, with a strong dose of the vixen, Roe makes us remember that the purpose of cabaret is not only to make us smile.  It's also supposed to make us think,

   Paulanne Simmons, Theaterlife,com

One of TheatreVox's Top Ten Cabaret Shows of 2011!

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